Monday, August 21, 2006

It has to be love. Once I saw vintage travel trailers decorated by Sisters on the Fly I was hooked. It was a Cowgirl festival at the Farm at South Mountain in Phoenix April 2005. The wood interior gave a warm cozy glow that is irresistible. Each trailer had its own charm with horse shoe curtain rods, cowgirl fabric quilts and cute pillows. That was the start of my obsession with vintage travel trailers and the reason for this blog.

It has to be love. Hundreds of hours have been spent removing brown flat house paint from the exterior, refinishing a wood interior covered with pigmented stain and lifting first dirty carpet and then asbestos laddened tile from the floor. The entire siding has been removed to reveal rotted wood and then wood, insulation, electric and gas copper line replaced. New cushions and curtains were made. Accessories were located at garage and estate sales every weekend and other parts were gathered as gifts for birthdays, mothers day and Christmas. The pictures tell the story.

Sisters on the Fly

Sisters on the Fly
I fell in love with vintage trailers.

Cowgirl all the way.